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What makes a truly unique image? How can we connect people emotionally to your message? Why should WE even make this? These are the questions that drive us. Not all vendors are created equal, and we are here to prove that. Armonico is top tier creative imagery and storytelling that is normally reserved for networks and conglomerates with deep pockets. We are not business people, we are community level creators dedicated to enhancing our partners ability to greater access influence for social good through intellectually dynamic material in many formats. Wordy but truthful, we hope to grow with our clients, striving to deliver in ways far beyond what the client thought of when bringing us in. Without your success we will fail. Consider contacting us for your next project and we can talk creative services, craft marketing, consulting, and being a collaborative force for your vision.

Ms. Susan Burton

Ms. Susan Burton

Founder, CEO A New Way of Life

Corey really did a great job for us on our JustUs Voices project, we wanted to weave a number of interviews together to help tell our stories of overcoming incarceration and re-entry barriers. There were a number of bids but he just brought great people, great work flow and kept too what some called an “unreasonable” timeline, but to do what we do you need to be able to overcome unreasonable odds and Corey was on it for us. Best of luck for the future.
Ms. Burton
A New Way of Life
New Book – Becoming Ms. Burton

Zadik Zadikian

Zadik Zadikian

Artist Sculptor

We were very fortunate to have Corey join our team for the recent launch of our artist collective “Produce Haus.” He was instrumental in developing the vision and voice of the space. His passion and work ethic got us through countless shoots during a chaotic period.
His ability to be completely self-directed and coordinate the team, allowed us to focus on putting together the best possible show. He brought fresh ideas time and time again, resulting in excellent content and media.
I look forward to working with Corey again on our next project!
Peter Katona & Greg Derelian

Peter Katona & Greg Derelian

Founders - AdvoGroup

Hi Corey,

Unfortunately, we are slammed. Just got back from a conference and have
a huge caseload ahead of us. That said, we are ok with you to go ahead
and put together a few sentences on our behalf.

We trust it will reflect our voice accurately.

Best of luck!
Peter Katona
Greg Derelian

Storytelling Through Digital Media


Telling a good story is the glue that binds video and audio together into a captivating experience. We appreciate the art of storytelling and apply it to all the projects we are privileged to participate in. Taking what may sometimes seem dull and revealing history, emotions, ideas that not only convey but compel. We strive to produce media that illuminates a powerful message in a way only storytelling can.


Corey Burns

Corey Burns

Producer - Editor - Documentarian

Corey Burns is an ex-chemist that escaped the lab in pursuit of fresh air and sunshine. Extensive skills in prep, camera, editing, vfx, and the numerous elements that go into producing video. Being able to connect with so many people through taking their picture and hearing their stories has been my life’s pleasure, striving daily to share this gift with others as abundantly as one can in a life. Hundreds of edited hours in educational material, events, documentation, archival material, research, thousands of shared images. Working with some notable names such as The History Channel, H2, E!, Dreamworks and Discovery. Also providing creative to some of LA’s best organizations working to make this a more beautiful and inclusive city for all. Gardening is life.

Dario Griffin

Dario Griffin


Dario is a Photographer/Videographer/Musician, and general connoisseur of sorts who hails from Los Angeles. He is versed in various types of photography, but specializes in advertising, and editorial portraiture. He enjoys working with an array of clientele such as NPR, Lancome & USC, to Mel Bay Music Publishing. He photographs people primarily because of the unique stories they convey through expression. When not shooting you can find Dario performing around the city, running Black Market Supper Club, or playing hockey. 

Jayme Roy

Jayme Roy

Director of Photography

Jayme was lucky enough to be born into a documentary family. As a small child he loved to spool his dad’s 16mm short ends off into the trash and play with the film cores. His father was a legendary documentary cameraman who brought some of the most memorable images of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Jayme grew up in and around the business always exposed to some of the best and brightest.

Jayme feels he is one of those lucky people that found the right niche in life early and does what he loves to do. So as a result he always goes the extra mile without hesitation or complaint. Still after all these years he is constantly learning, improving and staying ahead of the curve. for gear list

Vanessa Wilson

Vanessa Wilson

Writer - Photographer

Vanessa Wilson is a published writer, photographer and production developer. Aspiring to create great content, she graduated from California State University, Fullerton in 2011. She holds dual degrees in Communications and Social and Behavioral Science.
Vanessa has had the pleasure of working on a wide spectrum of TV and film productions for Lionsgate, Paramount, Disney, Fox and currently the History Channel. She has produced original 60-minute content for Hurwitz Entertainment, written a children’s book and photographed events and engagements for various clients.

Vanessa is enthusiastic about her upcoming projects that include the publishing of her second book and contributing to Armonico as a writer and photographer. 

Kevin Goldberg

Kevin Goldberg


Kevin Goldberg is a composer and multi-instrumentalist living in Oakland, CA.
His music education began as early as age two, when his father taught him to improvise on the piano. Since then, Kevin has continued to hone his musicianship, studying bass at the California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley, CA.
He holds a firm belief that music drives social change and is committed to creating a better world through daily musical collaboration.
In addition to his roles as the bassist for Lil’ Elephant, Piwai, and Solate, Kevin holds down the low end in jazz, funk, and fusion projects throughout the Bay Area.

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